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Heather Chagnon Gruenbaum College Admissions Interview

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David Benjamin Gruenbaum
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50 SAT/ACT Tips Every Parent Should Know

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As a parent, you want to help your student gain admission to the best colleges. Many parents quickly find that they don't know how to step in and support their students. Helping starts by learning everything you can about the complicated college admission process. 50 SAT/ACT Tips Every Parent Should Know will help parents through the SAT and ACT process, answer vital questions that every parent needs to know and point out the tasks that parents can take on. The author, David Benjamin Gruenbaum, has worked with over 5,000 students, helping them prepare for both the SAT and ACT. Gruenbaum has been featured on CBS' Early Show, Fox National News, and in newspapers like The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Please contact us for more information.