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AHEAD OF THE CLASS offers a college application essay service. The focus is to help students with what is often considered the most difficult portion of the application process: the preparation and writing of college admission essays.

Did you know that in areas such as Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Tiburon, and Sausalito, a large number of students use private college counselors? Some families are spending $2,000- $10,000 for these expensive services.

The most difficult portion of the application process is the preparation and writing of college admission essays. But strangely, many college counselors don’t even do the essay evaluation work themselves. Often these essays are passed off to graduate students or part-time essay readers.

At AHEAD OF THE CLASS we have a much better solution. For help with your college application essays, why not work with a college application essay expert?

Heather Chagnon Gruenbaum has worked with over 2,000 students during the last 18 years. Heather’s students have gained admission to every major college in the country: Stanford, Princeton, University of Chicago, UCLA, UC Berkeley, etc.

Heather’s system is simple: students work with her through email. Once you’ve signed up for her program, you are allowed to send as many college application essays as you would like.* You can send ideas, first drafts, final drafts, etc. There is no limit to what you can send, even if you are applying to ten to twenty colleges.

Heather will help you hone your essay:

1) Is your topic unique?

2) Do you present yourself in the best light?

3) Is there phrasing that detracts from your essay?

The cost of the program is $675. This cost is lowered if you sign up for more than one of our programs.

*Once you’ve signed up, you are covered through November 15th of your senior year in high school.


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