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Why just learn one language at once? Linguistic expert, David Benjamin Gruenbaum, teaches the interrelationship of Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and English.

In Europe, many children speak three to five languages. Most American children speak English and at best know only the basics of a second language (usually Spanish or French).

David Benjamin Gruenbaum, the country’s premier SAT and ACT specialist, has worked with over 7,000 students helping them change not only their SAT and ACT scores but also the way they look at language and vocabulary.

Now Gruenbaum has introduced a new course, CrossLinguistics. Rather than learning one language at a time, CrossLinguistics helps students learn several languages simultaneously

This is a fun course: students learn languages through video games and musical cartoons on the Internet. The CrossLinguistics language course is offered online.

CrossLinguistics course costs start at $475, depending on length of time and other factors. Dates and times are dictated by demand. *We also offer a sharing program, which allows the CrossLinguistics course cost to be even lower.

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